vrijdag 4 maart 2016

Intro + Game concept

Light through the depths is a small side project of mine. The goal is to make this a mobile game on the google play and maybe later on the app store.

Well what is this game going to look like you ask?
I'm going to take the basic principle of the "fishy" - like games lots of people probably have played once in their life already. (You are a fish eating smaller fish to grow bigger.)
Fishy1 by XGen studios

There already are a lot of similar apps on the play store so what I'm going to do is add some of my own features to make the gameplay differ and give the player a totally new experience.

The main character will be an angler fish (you know, the ones with a light bulb hanging in front of their face) which will, guess what, try to eat other fish and survive. (I know, the originality level is insaaaane!)

Now how am I going to make this differ from the already overly created fishy games? Well I was thinking about making the map really dark, so you can only see well around the character's light bulb for example. And maybe give the other fish different color to see if they're edible or poisonous.
You'd only be capable of seeing the color when they're nearby, but when you get too close, the fish will start chasing your light bulb.
These are just some examples, I don't know yet how it'll turn out, that's where the prototyping phase is for. ;)

The art style is not decided yet, first thing to do is prototype and see if it's worth putting lots of effort in and having a good concept.

Software I'm using is Unity, Visual studio, 3DS max and photoshop.

I'm not going to put a release date on it yet because appart from this I also have a lot of work to do and I can't really predict when I will have lots of work and when won't.

Well that's about it, wish me luck!

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