zaterdag 12 maart 2016

Gameplay prototype

So first of all, my friends thought the mobile_03 controls (touch the screen to give the player an impulse towards the touchlocation) was the most fun, so that's going to be how the controls work.

Second, I made some gameplay prototypes during the week!
I tried out following features:
  • Simpelest gameplay, just eat the right fish to survive.
  • Eat the fish with the same color as your light. Your light will be changing over time.
  • Eat the fish with the same color as your light. Your light will be changing by eating fish.
  • Your light will grow bigger when eating (the right) fish, so fishies will be easier attracted to you.
  • Spawn more and more fish faster and faster according to how many fish you ate.
Some worked out better than other. At the end, I had the crazy idea of combining them with a level system to keep the player motivated. 

It goes as following:
The player will start at level one. After eating a certain amount of right coloured fish, the player will level up. The amount of fish to level will raise each level.
The higher the player's level, the bigger his light (and attractiveness) gets and the more different kind of fish (and light colors) there will spawn. The color of the player's light will change over time.

If you want to try it out yourself, here is a pc build (arrow keys to control):

,and here is an Android build (tap to give the fish an impulse):

Next on my todo list is the art, starting with the most important ones, the characters! :)

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